Stage 2: Pumping Balloons
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Once Stage 1 ends, Stage 2 immediately begins. You now have the opportunity to pump up the balloons that you like, support, and/or want to see put into action. You can pump any balloon once, twice, or not at all. Give two pumps to the ones you really support! There is no limit on your number of pumps, or the number of balloons you pump up.

Stage 2 is still completely anonymous, and no one will be able to see which balloons you pump. You also cannot see each balloon's total pump count. As a result, there is no groupthink or bandwagon effect. Balloons are pumped based on merit alone, not on the popularity of the balloon creator or on an internal pecking order.


After Stage 2 ends, the flight is over, and everyone can see the results if the results of the flight are made public.

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