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Segments: What are they? And how do I create one?
Segments: What are they? And how do I create one?
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A segment is a list of people that can be invited to a flight. You can use segments when you create a 'Invite by email' flight.  When you need to repeatedly invite the same group of participants to flights, it is helpful to create and add your flight participants using a segment.  For example, you can create a segment for your project team, a cross-functional group, a group of customers, etc.  

How do I create a segment?

You can create a segment in two ways.

Option 1: Create a new segment from the admin panel before creating your flight.

In the team drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner, click on 'segments'.

Next, click on "create new segment" button.

Add the users you want to your new segment, give your segment a name, and click on the "Save" button.

Option 2: Create a new segment* while you are creating a new flight. 

*Note: Option 2 will save all of your flight participants as one segment. If you want to add users from two or more segments to a flight, you will need to create the segments beforehand.


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