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What’s anonymous? What’s not anonymous?
What’s anonymous? What’s not anonymous?
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A key part of our mission is to create true psychological safety for all of our users, so that you feel safe and confident sharing your ideas, feedback, knowledge, and experiences. This is paramount to our company. So long as you follow your organization’s Code of Conduct, no one is able to see your identity on Balloon - not the admins, Balloon team members, other employees, company IT, etc. - no one. We do allow you to claim your balloons at the very end of the process, if you want to, so that you can receive credit for your contributions. More here.

By default, all activities on Balloon are anonymous from beginning to end. You anonymously create a flight. You anonymously launch and comment on balloons. The act of pumping up balloons is also anonymous - no one will know if you pumped up their balloon or not.

There are two areas where any user can optionally remove their own anonymity. You can identify yourself as the author of a flight (there is a simple checkbox when starting the flight). For example, ‘Ashley is inviting you to join a flight’ vs ‘Anonymous is inviting you to join a flight.’

The ONLY other time you can remove your anonymity is when you claim a balloon or comment after a flight ends. (See our article on flight results.)

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