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How much time is assigned for each stage, and can I modify it?
How much time is assigned for each stage, and can I modify it?
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You have the ability to set the timing of the stages during the initial flight setup. The total duration can be anything from minutes to weeks. (Although, we typically recommend no longer than one week.)

The default split of time between the two stages is automatically split into 2/3 for Stage 1 and 1/3 for Stage 2. For example, a 1-hour flight will be 40 minutes in Stage 1, and 20 minutes in the Stage 2. Flight end date and time will also be listed here.

Pro tips: 

  • We suggest making your flight no longer than 1 hour, unless your team is widely dispersed across timezones.

  • Save time for setting flights that are 20min, 30min, or 1hr in length: Enter the flight start time THEN select the flight length, Stage 2 start time and Flight end time will auto-populate.

Once the flight is created, you can go back a modify the timing on the flight as long as the flight has not ended.  


We have another article on flight editing. Your additional questions might be answered there!

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