By default, yes!  Flight Creators can invite participants to flights by copying and pasting an email list in the participants section during the flight creation process when you select a 'Invite by email' flight.  Alternatively, you can invite internal and external groups to the flight by sharing a link.  The invitation method needs to be set during flight creation.  Learn more about setting the flight invitation method that is right for you, here.  Whichever way you choose, you can invite internal and external groups to the flight without requiring those users to create an account.

Flight participants can include individuals from both internal and external groups. If you anticipate launching additional flights with this group, you can save this participant list as a segment.  If you want to learn more about creating a segment, please refer to this article.

For certain Enterprise and Single Sign On users:

All of the above remains true if your team settings allow inviting external users. To do so may, you may need to turn the domain lock toggle OFF when creating a flight. If your company has the domain locking feature, and does not allow external participants, you will only be able to add emails to your flight that include a pre-specified email domain.


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