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Balloon is an anonymous collaboration platform that was developed to address how humans actually share information and make decisions. Our app removes the most costly cognitive biases, creates a meritocracy, and accelerates time to wisdom.

Balloon uses a special timed, staged workflow based around a flight. Here is the high-level flow:

  • Someone on your team will start a flight, which has one or more questions for which the creator is seeking responses. The flight has 2 stages.

  • In Stage 1, individuals have an opportunity to respond to the flight's prompt by anonymously submitting their responses and ideas in the form of balloons. 

  • In Stage 2, participants vote on the responses by pumping the balloons that they like or support. While pumping takes place, live results/vote counts will not be visible, ensuring that users will pump ideas based on merit and not popularity. This eliminates groupthink and bandwagon effect, creating a truly level playing field.

  • Once the flight is complete, you can see the results if the flight results are made public. Balloon results provide previously unreachable knowledge and information. The data can serve as a reference point for a decision, action, process improvement, etc. Also, users who have logins have the option to remove anonymity and claim any of their balloons and comments. Credit (only) where credit is due!


To continue reading about the stages of a flight (in more detail), click on the links within this article.

We have plenty of other articles here in Getting Started and also in the FAQ. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to send us a message!

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